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Chimney Sweep Services

Chimney sweeping has evolved over the years from a once dirty and messy experience, to a very much clean and controlled process. The process involves inspecting the fire and chimney whilst suppressing dust and leaving everything absolutely immaculate when finished.

Hi Chimneys is a member of the the HETAS approved sweeps scheme and you will be issued a chimney sweep inspection certificate in accordance with your house, business or landlord insurance.​ 

Hi Chimneys hold £5.000.000 public liability insurance and works in accordance with HETAS regulations.

Chimney sweep, fire clean, health check & certificate £75

Chimneys above 9 meters are £5 per extra meter.

Fire rope replacement £35 inc materials

New fire cement £35 inc materials

Replace glass £35 plus glass cost

Replace fire bricks £35 plus bricks cost

Bird nest removal and sweep £250

Cowl replacement £300 plus part cost

Emergency call out £250 Plus product cost

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